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Sucker Rod Pumps

  • Technical Features
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Main Technical Features

● Rod pump is also known as insert rod pump, it is one type of the conventional sucker rod

pumps. The rod pump is connected to the sucker rod directly, it can be pulled out with sucker

rod and does not influence the tubing, so the well inspection and workover is more convenient.

It can save half times and reduce cost of the pumping test, thus the rod pump is suitable for the

deeper well.

● The rod pump can be classified into two types of mechanical seating and cup seating. Also it is

divided into three types as RHA (stationary heavy well barrel top anchor rod pump), RHB

(stationary heavy well barrel bottom anchor rod pump) and RHT (travelling heavy well barrel

bottom anchor rod pump)..

● Our rod pump is strictly conforming to API SPEC 11AX standard.

● Depending on the wall thickness of the barrel, the rod pump can be classified as either a thin

wall rod pump or a thick wall rod pump. We can supply these insert rod pumps according to

different requirements of customer’s.

TypeNominal Dia. mm(inch)Plunger Length m(ft)Stroke mPump Constant m3/dTubing ThreadSucker Rod size (inch)
20-125RHAC/M32(1 1/4)1.2-1.8
25-150RHAC/M38(1 1/2)1.642⅞¾
25-175RHAC/M44(1 3/4)2.242⅞¾
30-225RHAC/M57(2 1/4)3.69¾
20-125RHBC/M32(1 1/4)1.142⅜¾
25-150RHBC/M38(1 1/2)1.642⅞¾
25-175RHBC/M44(1 3/4)2.242⅞¾
30-225RHBC/M57(2 1/4)3.69¾
20-125RHTC/M32(1 1/4)1.142⅜¾
25-150RHTC/M38(1 1/2)1.642⅞¾
25-175RHTC/M44(1 3/4)2.242⅞¾
30-225RHTC/M57(2 1/4)3.69